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ismartymedia@gmail.com Ismarty, Inc.Ismarty Developed & founded by Ibrahim Tuffboy

What is Ismarty?
Ismarty is a smart social network that helps users like you, me & others on social smartly when sharing their moments through isays on their stories, a web application and service that allows users to share moments of texting, pictures and videos either publicly or privately. Hence charging your life taking it to the next level, helping you social smartly. Ismarty was invented by Ibrahim Tuffboy a simple genius computer geek.

Ismarty a smart social network built for people like you whom we believe that you are always smart {'ismarty+users==ismartians'}.

Charging Your Life is to endorse the confidential self~awareness into communication to something better & bigger, hence empowering & connecting through giving everyone a one voice for efficients, fun, isay moments or business, making it easier, faster & safer.

Ismarty forever~ Age is just a number, Maturity is by moving forward, teamwork is by success as focus thy introducing the future.

Get to share your moments through isays or create your groups or create your discovery stories, snap isays, plus so much more on ismarty platform, isay with your friends, family and loved ones. Isay >> Smartly >> Friendly.

Ismarty, Isay Moments + Social = Friends {'Isays==Post'} Your private, secured isay information socials with your friends, family or loved ones only the awesome Ismarty save your privates isay moments or business sponsored on ismarty through discover stories easily & comfortably

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